Next Steps and Links

Links:  (A huge collection of projects, videos, and members who all enjoy woodworking)
(If you find a good tutorial, send me an email with a link and I’ll add it to the project page)

Free Woodworking Stuff

Absolutely Free Plans

Portland Community College BCT (Building Construction Technology program)

Portland Community College Dual Credit Program (Earn College Credit While In High School)

Bergwall  (Safety and training videos)

Chair Guy  (Very cool sculpted bar stool and rocker)

Build-Oregon (Good videos for construction)


Apprenticeship Info Documents:

Information on Apprenticeships in Oregon  (Webpage)

Construction Craft Laborers Apprenticeship video (YouTube)

Construction Craft Laborers, part two (YouTube)

Applicate information revised


Apprentice Apptitude Test

AutoAptAsses FINAL 23.3.061

BCAptAssess FINAL 23.3.061

EginAptAssess FINAL 23.3.06

Electrical Aptitude Assessment



Plumbing Aptitude Assessment

Tips for Completing Job Applications

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